I am Garry Prima Suryalaga, a student of 5 Senior High School known as SMA 5 which is located in Bandung, West-Java, Indonesia. I am in year ten, and I sit at ten D.  I just arrived in Bali. This is the picture of me with the ‘Kuda Lumping’ at I Gusti Ngurahrai airport, Bali, Indonesia. I joined with a group of teachers and the Head teacher of my school to visit SMA 4 Bali on January the seventh 2008. Everyone is always says that the school is the best one in Bali, and has good reputation.  I had a great moment there because I can compare my school with SMA 4 Bali, Denpasar. According to my opinion, the school was look like an Indonesian ethnic hotel, really beautiful. The building was new with the special characteristic of Bali architecture, facilitated with big and modern hall, library, big and clean student’s organization room and the toilets are clean! The whole school is clean! From the presentation of the representative of SMA 4 Bali, I conclude that the school has a regional, national and international achievements. The school has a link partnership with  school in Singapore and Malaysia.

These are a group of SMA 5 teachers  in front of Bumi Asih Hotel, where we stay while we were in Bali, with the “ KUDA LUMPING” is in the middle of them. They are ready to go to 4 Senior High School, Denpasar. All the  teachers wore formal dress, batik. They are waiting for the bus to take them to SMAN 4 Denpasar.  They are all happy and cheerful. Do you know who holds our Flat? Yes, She is our art teacher, Mrs. Jenar who designed our Flat. She is not only an art teacher but also a good painter.

Mrs. Elly Nirmala one of my teachers  is with “KUDA LUMPING” surrounded by some heavy travel bags.

‘The Kuda Lumping’ is with our tour guides They wore Bali Traditional dress to make people know that they are Bali people. Beside visiting SMA 4, we also had opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Bali for the rest of three days. We were accompanied by three tour guides, one in each bus. The guide was very important for us, especially for me because I become understand about Bali in a short time from what he explained to us. He kept talking about Bali without being asked along the way to every place we visited.

Ketut was the guide in my bus, he was good, friendly, and respectful. He knows Bali a lot. He can tell us all about Bali. If we ask something about Bali He can answer it clearly and comprehensively. He was humorous, He always make us laugh with his funny stories, long journey became no problem for all of us, He guided us to enjoy Bali.  Ketut took us to Tanah Lot, Pantai Kuta, Pura Besakih, Gunung Batur, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Tirta Empul, Sukawati market, and some other commercials place.

The teachers had just been arrived at 4 Senior High School, Denpasar.  Perspective of this school are intellectually,  emotionally and spiritually agile. “KUDA LUMPING” is on Mr. Adil’s Hand.


The English Teachers from SMAN 5 Bandung are in front of the statue of God of Agile in front yard of SMA 4 Bali. They hold 'Kuda Lumping'. They are Mr. Agus Kusmawan,  Mr.  Herman, Mr. Benny and Mrs. Ida

They are students of 4 Senior High School, Denpasar. One of them is holding our “KUDA LUMPING”.   Most of the students are really smart , we can see the trophies behind them  that they got from the contests. They are lucky because the facilities of the school are better than my school.

The 'Kuda Lumping' is in the hand of Ms. Elly Hernick, one of our Indonesian teachers .The teachers are in the hall listening for the presentation of SMAN 4 profile from the representative of SMA 4 Bali. Indonesia

                                                             'Kuda Lumping' is  in front  door of the main building. You can see the sculputure and an umbrella. It is the symbol of front door of  houses or offices for Balinese.

'Kuda lumping' is in Ngurahrai Airport Bali with some SMA 5 teachers, they are ready to fly back to Bandung. The man who wore the red t-shirt is my father, Mr. Agus.. He is one of English teachers at my school. The man in the middle is our Indonesia teacher and next to him is our Physics teacher, Mrs. Elly

Composed by : Garry Prima Suryalaga, a student of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia