Hi, We are Matheus and Wira from XII J, SMAN 5 Bandung, On December 2008, our school had a trip to Jogjakarta.

We have our own FLAT. Its name is Gareng. Gareng is a famous character from Javanese Puppet Show.

We took 'Gareng with us. This photo was taken at the midday on Kota Gede, exactly on Anchor’s Silver.

In that room, there were many things made of silver like ring, bracelet, or the imitation of Borobudur temple, etc. all of them are made out of silver.

The price is various. Beginning from Rp 20.000,00 to Million Rupiahs. You can see the miniature of Prambanan Temple.

We are still in Galery of Anchor's Silver.  Rindra is one of our classmates joined us.

  We wanted to buy something here as souvenir but we didn't have enough money.

We just admired them. 'Gareng' thought what would happen if it is made out of silver. Maybe it would not  be taken with us to Jogjakarta.

'Gareng' and Matheus are in the top of Borobudur temple. It is Buddhist Temple while Prambanan is Hindus' temple.

 Borobudur temple was one of miracle places in the world like Pisa Tower in Italy, Colloseum in Roma, Eiffel Tower, Cina Great Wall,

Taj Mahal in India, etc. Borobudur was built long time ago with the stones patched.

On the wall of Borobudur, there are relieves that tell us the story about Buddhist Kingdom. When 'Gareng' was on there,

Gareng asked me whether all Indonesia have visited Borobudur Temple? I don't think so. They have to visit it before they travel abroad.”

Wira and 'Gareng took a rest after walked around. They looked so tired.

It was about three in the afternoon and we had to prepare to go back to Bandung. It was a tiring trip indeed but we were happy.


This photo was taken when we were on the from Bandung to Jogjakarta.

 We started our journey at ten in the evening and reached Jogjakarta  about 9 the next day.

We took a rest for doing  Subuh Praying and had our breakfast in this local restaurant..

This is Riyan, our classmate. This picture was taken near the bus which took us to Jogjakarta.

Riyan who is the leader of CAV SMAN 5, one of Extra Curriculars in our school. CAV stands for Crops Anklung Lima

. Do you know what Anklung is? It is a traditional music instrument from West Java.



These photos above were  taken when Gareng, Wira, and Mate were in outdoor stage of Sendra Tari Ramayana.

 Because of rainy seasons we watched Ramayana Performance Dance indoor. It should be out door.

It was about nine in the evening. The weather was very cold. Wira forgot to take his jacket.

After we arrived at the hotel where we spend the night, Wira immediately went to sleep under a thick blanket. Haaa  hhaaaa…


Composed by :

Matheus and Wira from XII J- V09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.