Galunggung Mountain

Flat Stanley Project of 2 Vocational High School Tasikmalaya

Hello guys…


In this nice opportunity, we would like to introduce our team, we were The Flat Stanley team from SMK N 2 (Vocational High School) Tasikmalaya West Java, Indonesia. and we were members of English Conversation Club the real cool & funky organization in our school. The photo’s right in front of our school, see from left to right there were Mr Dadang, Akmal Susinta, Mr.Ario (our Head Master) Tega, Yaser, Mr Wiharto and in the middle, our special guest Flat Stanley.


On Sunday 21th May 2006, Flat Stanley visited our school and he invited us to climb Galunggung Mountain as popular tourism object in Tasikmalaya. Excitedly we received his inviting, so at 09.30 we went together to Galunggung Mountain by car, but two of us that is Akmal and Tega couldn’t go to there because they had family’s importance so they changed by Rifki and Sani. Galunggung was volcano with elevation 2,168 metres ( 7,113 feet ) above sea surface, it was be located in 17 km from Tasikmalaya City. At 11.00 a.m we arrived at Galunggung Mountain we were very happy, and the situation was already busy, we found a lot of people with various activities, such as camping or just Rest & Recreation. Probably it was because of holiday time.

We went directly to valley, we then took a rest in a small shop “warung“ to have some food for lunch and some hot drink because we were hungry and also the temperature was very cold. So we had to refill our energy as preparation before we climbed the mountain.


At about 11.30 a.m. we went to the crater of Galunggung with new spirit and we were very excited, we climbed ladders step by step. Although finally we were still tired, Did you know how many ladder that we climb ? there were 620 ladders. And did you know how tall the ladder ? 315 metres, tiredly, wasn’t it ?

But, one of our guidance teacher Mr. Wiharto didn’t follow us to climb until crater, and one of us asked him, Why Mr. ? Simply he answered, where would I find the massager after this ? we realized his condition he was too fat, he could be difficult to bring out his self. indeed it was so funny, wasn’t it ?



Finally, we arrived at crater. We were happy, because we finished our struggling to climb ladders one by one. On the crater we saw beautiful nature view, actually in the middle of crater there was island like Toba Lake in Sumatra, unfortunately we couldn’t see it because the water was full and you could swim there, we saw Tasikmalaya City view from the crater and it was very beautiful. The width of the crater about 40 ha.


In the last two centuries, this volcano erupated three times at remackable similar intervals of 72 and 88 years. There was a catastrophic eruption in 1822 which claimed around 4000 victims and was thus one of the five most disastrous eruption in Indonesia’s history. After 1822 eruption, a lava plug formed and gradually blocked the vent. The next big bang came in 1894, albeit with a much smaller loss of human life, and sometime after 1918 the lava plug formed a new. On 5 April 1982, big explosion ushered in a new series of eruptions of Galunggung mountain, enormous “ lahar “ (mudflows) rushed down from the mountain flanks forced the evacuation of more than 30,000 local resident.


On the other hand, there were some tourism obeject that we could visit such as hot springs, swimming pool where you could swim, Waterfall, Montane Forest, Ericaceous Forest and the facility complete enough.

At 02.00 p.m. we left Galunggung Mountain, we were happy, satisfied, and very tired, even our feet muscles became painful. That’s all our journey.

Lovely, wasn’t it ?


Hasta la vista, baby !