Flat Welder


Dear Mr. Dale Hubert.


We are Sesilia Halim and Vera Setiawati from SMAK 3 BPK Penabur Bandung, Indonesia. We would like to join a Flat Stanley Project.

The project is make base schem chicken’s food machine. We are survey to ‘Djaya Kencana Company’. This company usually accept order to make something from iron. That work not difficult, but need high accuracy.

This is the method :

Measure the material which made from iron


Cut the iron match with needed

These are pieces of that iron


Then, that iron’s piece was bored

Then, that pieces was lengthened and welded Wow … this weld was so blind the eyes.


So, you must use black glasses.


After welded, the pieces of iron would bend schem. Then, paint

that schem and set the bolt into hole


Hore…the scheme was finished, and can directly to uses



Look, this is the machine without base

And this is the machine with base


This is the chicken’s food machine with base scheme



This is the work room of ‘Djaya Kencana' Company.

Although scattered, on this place, many of something of iron

had been finished


OK, friends that’s all about our project. We hope our project can increase your insight. Thank you.

See you later again. 



With love,



Sesilia & Vera