Hi, I am Mia, from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Last year, my friend and I sent our story with our flat 'Prabu Kian Santang' in Tea Plantation.

 Remember?. Last month, Prabu was taken to the Mojang - Jajaka competition.  This is the story..

It was 'Prabu's first experience to lively watch a very fantastic exhibition, especially in Sundanese culture.

 It was Mojang - Jajaka competition. Do you know what it is?

 Mojang means young girls and Jajaka means young boys.

In this competition, they have to wear traditional cloth from West Java and

they have to answer a lot of questions about Sundanese culture.

And the language used is Regional language, Sundanese.

 It was unforgettable moment that too exciting to be missed.

Prabu was very excited and the others were too. Even though we shouted and shouted to support our idol

who were on the stage, our voice were not caught on

There were too many supporters came to support their favorite contestant.

Do you see where Prabu is?  He was among them. They gave their best shot. I thought they'd do anything to make their contestant win

It was a little boring time when the contestants came back to the back stage.

 My sister and her friends took picture with Prabu. My sister took Prabu to the event because she was one of the committee there..

You should know that my sister used to be a winner a few years ago.

This picture shows us that Mojang and Jajaka who became finalists years before. They are my sister's friends. 

Mojang - Jajaka exhibition is an annual event which is followed by young girls and boys who present their own region in West Java.

This event could be told as the reunion for them

Look! these boys were wearing traditional cloth from West Java. They are the Jajaka Finalists. There are two winners a boy and a girl.

 They became partner until the next competition. They have to promote  Sundanese culture to Foreign Tourists.

 Some times they travel abroad to introduce their culture.

Wow! Really beautiful, They are Mojang Finalists. Every body looks so nervous to wait the announcement.

 Who becomes Mojang and Who becomes Jajaka. They came from the different places . The winners are not always from the same place.

Composed by :

Raden Mia,  XII H-V09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.