Hallo, friends. We are students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

I am Nurul Wulan who wears scarf and my friend Ayulia with our Flat 'Den Bagus'

'Den Bagus, means a handsome young man from West Java. The picture is taken in front of our school which is  located at Belitung street no 8, Bandung

. We share the building with SMAN 3

This is my friend Ayu with 'Den Bagus' in Bandung Technology Institute (ITB) where our first Presiden Soekarno graduated.

 The picture is taken in front of Petroleum Engineering Departement building.


This is a tool which is used to detect oil . The location is in the other side of the building

The Petroleum Engineering Department is one of popular department in ITB.

Most High Senior students from other regions in my country want to continue  their study here.

Now, I am in the Technology Laboratory where the collegians are consulted by their lecturers.

Ayu, my friend is in the area of Campus ITB. It is a large campus, so we need the direction in order not to be lost our way.

Everybody who graduated from ITB must be very proud because ITB is one of Bandung pride.

This  is  the biggest sport center in Bandung. We call it 'Sasana Mandala Ganesha'. It belongs to ITB.

The picture is taken in the  gate of the sport center.

'Den Bagus' is in a long corridor which  connects each department in ITB. It is an old building.

 You can see the unique architecture of it.

It is a monument Pancasila which is located in front of 'Padjadjaran' University, the pride of Bandung.

Do you know 'Pancasila? It is the five principles of our country.

Wow, Ayu is in front of 'Gedung Sate' In the roof of the building you can see a stick of satai so the building was named 'Gedung Sate'.

It is also the office of the Governor of West Java, and the office of The house of representative.

We are in our school, in front of the trophy's room. It is the opposite of our Principal office.

The students who win all competitions they participated, always put the trophy here.

We are in one of the corridor in our school. on our right side is the classroom and on our left side is teachers room.

When you visit Bandung, don't forget to come to our school. It is one of favourite schools in Bandung. We are waiting.


Composed by : Nurul Wulan and Ayulia , students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.