I'm a Dancing Queen

        Hi everybody! I’m Chiquitta. Wearing tutu, toe shoes, and dancing following the rhythm in my heart is definitely me. I’m a ballerina….

        Now, I’m visiting my lovely friends in Santa Ursula Senior High School. They are:


.Michelle and me..



Misheilla and me..

        They like to ask me for a dance, doing some difficult ballet movements, from standing with pointed toes, until doing pas de deux. When I’m dancing, they will sit in front of me, look at me, silent, and then give me a big applause at the end.

        I love to dance everywhere, like in the street…

Ballet is my life..

           or at the garden...
Dance again..

        I like ballet since I was five. My mom told me that being a ballerina is my destiny and now I’m on my way to reach my star.