Hallo, I am Febrina. M., a student of Five Senior High School (SMA N 5 Bandung), West Java, Indonesia. I come from Nangroe Aceh Darussalam . Everybody knows that there was the big disaster in Aceh and other places in Asean . But the most victims come from Aceh. At least 200.000 people died . Last holiday, our flat "kuda lumping" and i went to my hometown in Banda Aceh , the capital of Aceh . Most of my families had gone .  The picture is taken in the House of Cut Nyak Dien , the most popular heroin from Aceh . This is the picture of Lumbung Padi . It is a place where rice is put .

This place shows us the people pray for the victims of tsunami . In this place, a hundred of dead body were buried . Those people lost their family caused of tsunami . This is the most sorrow scene . 

Flat " Kuda Lumping" is inside of Cut Nyak Dien's House . Most people who visit Aceh come here to see this house because it is one of historical museum in Aceh . If you visit Aceh, you have to go to this museum . And you will find everything about Cut Nyak Dien and culture from Aceh .


This picture is taken in front of Cut Nyak Dien's House . There is a Big Bell behind " Kuda Lumping" . The Bell always rings when sunset as if it invited people to come to the mosque to pray Maghrib .  Aceh is known as " Serambi Mekah"  whose people are religious .


My mom and I are in front of the most beautiful and the biggest mosque in Nangroe Aceh Darussalam . It is a miracle that tsunami didn't destroy the mosque . Although the building around it has been swept away by tsunami . When the tsunami happened, most people come here to save themselves from flood . The building save from disaster, but some part of the building had crashed .


This is the most terrible view that i have ever seen in my life . Can you imagine that this place used to be a beautiful settlement in the center of Banda Aceh . You cannot find the beautiful buildings, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers . Aceh people need much fund to rebuild their beautiful city . But, the local government and together with Indonesian government have trying hard to relocation the victims to the save place . Most children lost their parents and now they are supported and funded by Indonesian government and UNICEF .

My aunt and i are in the the other side of the place above . The place, were my family lived before, now nothing left . After tsunami, there are a lot of people visit Aceh to see the result of tsunami .But they just want to know how terrible the disaster is . Only a few of them understand what Aceh people need .


It is a traditional tools to carry things from one to another place . But now, people rarely use this tool . You can find it in the museum .

This tool is used to separate "padie" from its skin to become rice . This the traditional way that people did in the past . Now, the tool is replaced by a modern machine . 


This is the big band in the center of the capital city, Banda Aceh . Some part of it had been crashed caused of tsunami .

This the tower of the mosque which is being repaired

Nobody believes that the big ship like this was cast away in the center of the city . Do you know why it happened ? of course because of tsunami . 

This is the symbol of the grave of unknown that body .


It's my story when I visited my hometown, Banda Aceh . Aceh people need more attention from the world . Would you become the first ? we're waiting !


Composed by Febrina , grade 11, science programme, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java , Indonesia .