:Hi, remember me ? I am Syifa from SMAN 5 Bandung.

I have sent about our Flat 'Kartini' in Star Party a few months ago. I have just finished our final examination.

 Now, I am waiting for the result. On July, I will continue my study in a University.

Before that, I want to show you the next adventure of my Flat 'Kartini'.

On Sunday, My family had a trip to   Agropolitan (Farming land) in Cipanas,  Cianjur, West Java.

Of course 'Katini' joined us. It is not far from Bandung. We went by car.

In the picture above you can see my Mom and my little brother who hold 'Kartini'

: Kartini arrived at 'Agropolitan' after passing the long journey.  On the way we could see the beautiful scenery.

The beautiful plants on the left side and on the  right side of the road looked fresh and clean. Farmers could be find along our journey.

 This place is on the slope of mountain. In here, the air is so fresh.

The first destination was going to the inn. The inn was not too far from the main entrance.

 My Mom and 'Kartini' were in action in front of the inn.

: 'Kartini' and my family had arrived in our inn. We felt very happy to be here because the place was good to refresh our mind.

Look! It is fantastic, isn't it? The scenery around the inn is very beautiful. Woooow….it 's so great.

 Behind us we can see slope of other mountain

 Well, Kartini and I admired  amazing red spinach field. All of you of course know the vegetable called spinach right?

There are two kind of spinach, the red spinach and green spinach. Look how beautiful the red spinach seeds!

In here we can find a lot of spinach seeds.

There are some people in the field. It was the harvest time of carrots.

Not far from the decorated plant field, 'Kartini' found the farmers were harvesting carrots.


:A farmer  brought a sack of  carrots. The carrots would  be brought to the distributor.

'Kartini' helped the farmers carrying carrots to the weighting place. In there, the carrots were washed and collected.

Then they would be sold to the market.

A farmer gave me and 'Kartini' some carrots as a present because we had visited the garden.

 We were very happy and as you know carrots is good for our health

'Kartini' looked hungry after visiting  farming land, 'Argropolitan'. So on the way home we buy some food.

 It is like meat ball but made of noodle and chicken.


: Look! On the left is 'Kartini' with red Spinach. In the middle, 'Kartini' stood on th top of Bonsai and on the right is 'Kartini' with the green Spinach 


On the left, 'Kartini' picked some strawberry. In the middle, 'Kartini' is among beautiful flowers

and on the right, 'Kartini' is among  Rhorodendron, beautiful kinds of flower.


: Look!! 'Kartini' was on the bonsai of Banyan tree..  

Next, 'Kartini' and I were picking the strawberry. Hmmm, it tasted so sweet.

And then  we saw radish. Here, the radish is so big. It is not like the usual radish in the market.

The farmers said radish which grow here are not distributed to the market but distributed to the elite restaurant and sent to the other place.


 'Kartini' was on the Bonsai. This Bonsai was made from a kind of tree.

Next, 'Kartini' was among “Bawang leaves”. It was very useful for making food. It was usually used to make soup.:

Hey, 'Kartini' was hiding behind broccoli’s leaf.


Compose by Syifa Tiffany from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia