Hallo, friends. We are students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I am Dani, who is holding our  flat. On my right is my friend Ahmad and on my left  is Panji.  In this occasion, we want to introduce our new flat. Her name is 'Dayang Sumbi'. Do you know what 'Dayang Sumbi' is?. She was a beautiful woman in West Java  famous Legend. She was loved by her own son, Saangkuriang. Of course, she refused him. It made him very angry. Last month, we visited Garut, Ghilman's hometown. This photo is taken in the villa while we took a rest after traveling long distance. We were  exhausted and fallen asleep.


Ari is standing on a raft in the middle of Situ Bagendit which is located in Garut about 2 hours from Bandung.

Situ is some kind of  lake but  smaller than a real lake . In the background of the 'Situ' there is a beautiful view

such as traditional house and big trees that make you feel so alive .

Youíll never have such a beautiful view in Bandung or in other big cities .


Situ Bagendit is a nice place for visiting and hang out .It has a nice view which  local people  are polite and so kind welcame us.

Oh ya I forgot to tell  my friendís name from left to right Ahmad ,me (ghilman Azka), Ari and Panji .

Ari and ahmad were on the traditional raft in situ bagendit Garut .The local people use the raft to travel from one place to another .


We (Ahmad,Panji and Ghilman) stand on the other side of  Situ Bagendit .How beautiful the scenery is. Do you want to visit it.

We were at a small bridge on Situ Bagendit . the bridge is made of wood and remember.

 the bridge canít hold too many people because itís too weak. The bridge  was built a long time ago.

We stayed in the villa for 2 nights. You can see Mount Guntur and a fantastic view from the villa. The villa is large. There is a fishing pool which is full of big fishes  The fish can be about 14 kilos weight.  The fishing pool was quite deep we could only see the fish when someone feed them .The fish are too heavy we need a fish-net to catch them.


Before ghoing home,  we visited a traditional store which sells a lot of traditional food such as dodol , wajit and dorokdok. We bought some of them as a gift from Garut .    


There is an old train but it's not working anymore .This is our group, from left to right Ari ,Ghilman , Panji and Ahmad .

 Dani is not with us. He went back home because he lost his wallet.

The picture is taken in our class, the boy who's holding our flat 'Dayang Sumbi' is our friend ,Ari. 



    Composed by Ghilman , Ari , Dhani , Panji and Ahmad from SMAN 5 , Bandung ,West Java, Indonesia.