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Flat Stanley visits Bandung City


Last holiday 2005, we went to Bandung city. Bandung city is known as flower city in Indonesian. During in Bandung, we visited tour places. For example :


  • Sate Building

  • Ciater : There are a lot of spa

  • Cibaduyut : Shoes center industry

  • Cihampelas : Jeans and shirts center industry

Tangkuban Perahu Mountain


One thing about our trip that we never forget it. When we went around Bandung, we passed by the tea garden. We looked it a long the street. The landscape are very beautiful, because in Surabaya city I never see the landscape as beautiful as in Bandung.


And then, we stopped and went out from our car. We ran to the tea garden and Mr. Stanley joined with us. At that moment, tea farmers was picking tea leaves. And at the same moment, we joined to help them. They were happy. We worked while they are joking. We can pick tea leaves until satisfied.






Stefany P ; 2nd grade

Petra 9 Elementary School

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