Hallo, Everybody. We are students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Now we want to introduce our new flat 'ARAGONI'.

The name derives from our names, Nandar, Ariesta, Aghi, and Daniel.

Last week, we took our flat 'Aragoni' to the one of historical site near Bandung, named Goa Jepang (Japan Cave)

This cave used to be a place for hiding and gathering information and so

 a place for keeping weapons and ammunition when Japan occupied our country, Indonesia.

Look at the picture of our flat 'Aragoni' who is standing in front of a room for scout.

This place used to have a function  for seeing the condition and as the protection if there were people who tried to attack this cave.

These are Aghi and Nandar with 'Aragoni'. This picture was taken in front of the main gate of Japan Cave

Our flat looks so excited because he can join us to  visit 'Goa Jepang'

Look at the picture taken by Aghi. The boy in the picture are Daniel, Ariesta and 'Aragoni'. They are standing in front of the main gate of 'Goa Jepang'

Our flat 'Aragoni' is standing on one of the rest place for Japanese soldiers

when our country occupied by Japanese long time ago

The picture was taken in front of monument near 'Goa Jepang'

Ariesta and Nandar hold our flat. They look so tired after walking around 'Goa Jepang'

Composed by : Nandar, Aghi, Ariesta and Daniel, students of Five Senior High School (SMAN 5) Bandung, West Java, Indonesia