Hello my name is Lia from SMA N 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Last month, I sent our Flat " Kuda Lumping"  to Arab. This pictures tell you about the adventure of  "Kuda Lumping"  in Arab. The picture above shows us about  waterfall. It  is rock hills beside the way which is decorated in order to have a good view. It is located in Madinah.


“Jabal Tsur” (Tsur Mountain)

This mount is called Tsur mount. In this mount there is  Hira  cave where Prophet Muhammad hid when The enemy tried to attack him and his men.

 At the time he and his men wanted to emigrate from Mecca to Medinah..


This animal is called camel. Camel is an inclusive  animal. It can live  in hot area or desert.

 Camel is able to keep water in its  the body.

This is a classic and beautiful miniature with Arabian style.

Which has a place for enjoyable. This is so cozy and enjoyable to be there.

Date fruit

This is date fruit. Date is a specific  fruit from  Arab. Date tree is able to live and bear fruit in dry area ..

 Date fruit has many kinds. Date fruit is sweet and can  make us  healthy.


" Jabal Roma"

Roma hill is located in the region of Uhud Mountain . It is the location where Uhud War happened .

Uhud War was the second war which happened between Moslem and Quraish, because Quraish wanted to pay their lost in the first war

 Qiblatain mosque

This mosque called is Qiblatain mosque which means  2 directions.

In this place. There was change the direction of Islam people from Al-Aqsha mosque to Ka'Bah.

Prophet Muhammad led  “Sholat” at 2 first “rakaat” face to Al-Aqsha mosque.

Now Moslem face to "Ka'Bah" when they pray.


Quba mosque

This building is called  Quba mosque. Quba mosque is the first mosque developed by Prophet Muhammad on his way when he migrated to Medinah..

 Before ariving in Madinah, Prophet Muhammad took a rest and founded the mosque.

 This mosque is located in  Madinah, precisely 5 km from Nabawi mosque

Composed by : Lia Listiana from Five Senior High School (SMAN 5) Bandung, West Java, Indonesia