Hallo, Friends. We are students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

 From left side, Nizami, Leady, Ghina and Regina.

Everybody knows that Bandung is famous for its places of interest. But now, we want to show you another side of Bandung.

Beside some beautiful places can be visited, Bandung is also famous for its specific food. Come on, let's go.

 The tour began from our school, SMAN 5 Bandung.

Dim Sum was the first food that we ate.

It’s located at Ambon Street, near by 7 junior high school.It’s made from prawn

Then we ordered for a box of “tahu crispy”.

It’s made from tahu. But there is ‘something’ inside.

We can choose shrimp, cheese, or cornet and many more to be filled inside.

They improve the taste of tahu by adding something inside in order to make young people don’t feel boring of the taste of tahu.

It’s located in front of Yoghurt Cisangkuy

Cisangkuy is the cozy place to take a break. The situation in there was really friendly.

We can stand there for an hour.

People always come there especially on weekend. People from out the city are always come too,

because their children can also ride a horse around there.

Then we came to Midas Jamur Crispy.

It sold mushroom, of course. But it’s different.

The mushroom is covered by flour and they fry it. It looks like fried chicken and it’s crispy.

You can also add flavor into it such as cheese, barbeque, and more.

It located on Ambon street, near by 7 junior high school.

The next place that we came to was “Nasi Bakar”.

It’s located in front of Gedung Sate.

Many people always come here because the price is cheap but it’s delicious too.

They cook the rice by grilling it. So, the difference between its rice and the other rice is how they cook the rice

Then we chose “cireng” for the next food that we ate.

“Cireng” as you always buy in front of your school or at side of street is usually made just from tapioca flour.

But here, “Cireng” is added by many kind of food, such as sausage, meat ball, cheese, and many more

Then we looked for some fruits to neutralize our stomach then we found “Es Buah” at Ambon street.

Like the other “Es Buah”, it’s made from a lot of fruits.

There are coconut, apple, pear, watermelon, and also “cingcau”.

You can also order for a glass of coconut ice or orange ice.

 The price is also cheap.

After taking around, we took a picture in front of 'Gedung Sate',  the Governor office.

From  this place, The Governor of West Java runs the government.

 Oh yeah, we have new leaders, Governor and Vice Governor, who were chosen two months ago.

 Dede Yusuf, Vice Governor, is a famous actor from Indonesia.

OK. If our explanation is not enough to satisfy you about specific food and drink from West Java, please come to Bandung,

 because we have much more that cannot be showed you here. 


Composed by :

Ghina, Leady, Regina and Nizami, 2nd grade, Natural Science Program, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia