'Kuda Lumping', joined City Tour in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

 It visited some of historical buildings which are famous in Bandung.

As you see, now 'Kuda Lumping' is in front of Central Bank. It is located on Braga Street.

'Kuda Lumping' shows you an important building in Bandung. This building is called Merdeka Building.

 It is a very  famous building in Bandung. .

Why ? Because this building became eyewitness of Asia - Africa Conference which was held in 1955.

Most of the leaders from Asian and African countries came here to attend the Conference

The building is located in the centre of the city. The street is named Asia Africa street

Look! it is a unique building, isn't it? In the top of the building there is a stick which is like 'tusuk sate'.

So people from Bandung call it Sate Building or 'Gedung Sate'. Do you see how proud 'Kuda Lumping' is?

 The building is the symbol of Bandung. The tourists who come to Bandung, always visit this building

 This building is located on Diponegoro Street. It is also the Governor's office.

Bandung is a place for shopping. You can find a lot Malls and Factories Outlet here.

Most people come to Bandung for shopping. One of Factories Outlet which is famous for teenagers is Heritage.

 It is located on  Martadinata  Street or  people usually call it  Riau Street.

If you come to Bandung, let our Flat 'Kuda Lumping' show you how to get there.


This is Savoy Homan Hotel. It is located on Jl. Asia Africa not far from Merdeka Building.

Homan is one  the oldest hotel in Bandung.

 But this building still exists until know. Everybody knows this is one of historical buildings in Bandung.

When Asia - Africa conference was held, most the guests stayed here. They just walk to Merdeka Building

LANDMARK. That is the building’s name. It is on Braga Street. It is near Central Bank

This building is usually used for exhibition, wedding party or other event in Bandung. .

Now 'Kuda Lumping' is in front of Geology Museum. In there you can find many things.

 It is one of the biggest Museum in Bandung. It is located on Diponegoro Street in the opposite of Sate Building.

'Kuda Lumping' shows you another ancient building in Bandung. It is the Post Office Centre.

 It is on Asia Africa Street. Yes, it is not far from Merdeka Building.

The opposite of the building, there is a Public Garden which is called 'Alun-alun'.

'Kuda Lumping' looked tired after taking some tourists around Bandung.

 Now, the guests who want to travel by train come here because it a Railway Station.

OK. Thank you, see you with other stories of 'Kuda Lumping'

Composed By : Yonita, alumnus of  SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

 Graduated on June  2007.