Papua New Guinea

Mr. Hubert,

My cousin is a pilot in Papua New Guinea.  We decided to send Flat Stanley there for some flying adventures.  He started his day in Ukarumpa and flew to an island called Long Island (not the one in New York!) then to a resort town called Madang and back to Ukarumpa.  Flat Stanley got to meet some Bible translators (one man who has finished more than three complete translations) and see some amazing sights.

We also sent Flat Stanley with my uncle to Korea, with another cousin (who made him a winter wardrobe) to Washington D.C. and on a backpacking trip in the Sierras so we may have some more adventurous pictures for you.  My mother is going to make me a Flat Stanley scrapbook to record these special memories.

We hope you enjoy these pictures.


Chloe Abell