Ms Miller's Class in Texas

Dear Mr. Hubert,
    This was the second time I participated in the Flat Stanley Project.  Last year I taught first and this year I taught second grade.  My class enjoyed their experiences and learned so much, I wanted to share what we did this year. 
    I wrote a note that explained the Flat Stanley project and asked my students' parents for their friends or relatives addresses so their child could send a flat Stanley to someone, and I stipulated that it must be out of state.  A few students had contacts out of state, but many did not.  Then I accesses the flat Stanley web site and I get a few addresses, but it was difficult get as many as I needed.  So then e-mailed our school staff and explained the project.  They e-mailed back with many addresses of friends and relatives living out of state and in other countries. 
   We made our Flat Stanleys using adding machine tape.  The students measured their height and then they measured their heads.  They also measured the distance from their heads to their waist.  Their flat Stanleys looked wonderful!
   Next, my students wrote letters to the people whose address they received thanking them for taking their flat Stanley and telling about themselves.  I also wrote a letter explaining the project, what I wanted them to do and when I wanted the pictures back.


    I marked the students location on the map with their name on a small piece of paper. 
    As we were waiting for the flat Stanleys to return we often discussed where a student was visiting.  We made a graph of the temperature of many of the places. 
    When we received a letter, we opened it excitedly and the student to whom it belonged read it (with my help), and showed the pictures to the class.
     After they had all come back, we wrote thank you letters to the people who had taken the pictures, and then the children wrote narratives describing their flat Stanley's adventure.  We added a cover and a back page and turned the story into a book.  The children dedicated  their book to the person of their choice.


    Their last assignment was a display.  They were told to put their pictures on a poster or in a scrapbook.  In class we researched the country or state the students visited and they added that to their project.  Some children were able to do some research at home as well.
    Finally we had a Flat Stanley Celebration to share what we had learned with the other second graders, and the children's parents. 


   Many of the other second grade teachers were so impressed that they say they will do the Flat Stanley Project next year too. 
   I am sending a few pictures of our Flat Stanley Celebration. 


   Thank you,
                      Ms Miller
                      Tuloso-Midway Primary School