November 11, 2005

Dear Jake,


I was so happy that you knew that the Marines would love to meet and host Flat Stanley Fidrocki here in Fallujah, Iraq. Great idea! I think it is great that you have a big imagination and that you did such a great job coloring Stan. I like his “Go Red Sox” shirt. I also like the Red Sox too!

Knowing that he did not have a lot of time, had to get back to school on Monday and that he was on a special mission, we quickly got him ready to help the Marines. He had a great trip through the internet, but he was a little tired because he traveled thousands of miles in just a few seconds!

Upon his arrival on our computer, we printed him out, outfitted him with a new helmet and made him stronger with some push ups and put him right to work.


Stanley went outside to get a look at Iraq. It was 80 degrees today. Before you know it, he was going on some great adventures and helping out with some missions.

“Sergeant Stan” learned how to drive an armored HUMMER with his new friend Corporal Eagan who is a combat correspondent. He writes news stories and takes pictures to tell about Marines that are helping Iraqi people be free and he also helps get the bad guys too.


Beep Beep! – here comes Sgt Stan!”


Next “Sgt. Stan” studied a map of “Al Fallujah, Iraq” a city that has a lot of history. A very long time ago Roman Warriors lived in Fallujah and hunted lions here.


Stanley went out to inspect some areas around camp and he even got a little dirty in some ditches when he was looking at wires. Stan knows never to touch wires or play with electric stuff and he did a great job. He was very safe!


Sgt. Stan also played hide and seek with us behind some sand bags. We found him pretty easy!


Stan loved the nice street with the palm trees and birds. It was a nice day for a visit. This street is a garden and a bunch of wild cats live there! We don’t feed wild cats here because it’s dangerous. They would probably eat Stan!


Stan took a break after inspecting the camp and fed the ducks at the pond. “Mohamed the duck” (the white one) liked Stan and quacked at him. Stan does not know how to speak duck, so he was polite and gave him some grapes and then decided to go eat with some Marines who he could talk to.


At the “Chow Hall” Sgt Stan got to do guard duty for a little while. Once Sgt Stan had enough guard duty, he went and met some of the workers who cook the food here.

The food guys are from other countries like Pakistan, Philippines, India and Sri Lanka. Stan met the boss of the chow hall, Mr. Sulaiman, who is from India. Mr. Sulaiman has a little girl who is 6 years old and she lives in India. Mr. Sulaiman let Stan go behind the counter and help serve some food. Stan was a pro and did good work!


Stan ate some chicken, mashed potatoes and pizza and sat with his Marine friends and ate dinner.

After dinner, Stan went AWOL! (which means we could not find him). Luckily, we found Stan down at the pond with his new friends feeding them his pizza!



After we told Stan that it was very nice of him that he went to see his friends, but he had to tell us when he was going somewhere so he would not get lost. Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends and Marines all look out for each other and we should never go off alone. We should always tell people where we are going.


After a long day with the Marines, the moon came out over the palm trees and Stan came back to our office took off his helmet and FELL ASLEEP!


It looks like Sgt Stan is now “Sleepy Stan” dreaming about the helicopter her saw today…


Thanks for letting him come out for a special mission. Tell all your friends “hello” from the Marines. Keep doing great in school and keep being good!




All The Best!

Your Buddy,

Cousin Neil