Flat Don and Mary


I just read an article in the LA Times today, Oct. 15, 2006, about the creation, Flat Stanley. 

It was so nice to hear about Stanley's origination and adventures.

I though you might enjoy hearing about OUR adventure!

This past month, we had a different take on Flat Stanley.  Our friends, Don and Mary, had planned an Alaskan Cruise and Denali Train ride for 10 of us, one year ago.  5 of the 10 were recently retired school teachers.  On the 3rd day of our trip (in Denali National Park), Don became ill and was not allowed to travel on the cruise portion of our trip.  Don and Mary were flown home from Fairbanks.  So, since one of our group members had heard about Flat Stanley, we decided to do a Flat Don and Flat Mary adventure.   Flat Don and Mary went everywhere with us - shopping, sightseeing, and even to the formal evening dinners.  They had their picture taken with many people on the cruise and also on the shore excursions.  At times we felt quite foolish taking the pictures (as most of us are in our early 60s) and asking people to have their pictures taken with Flat Mary and Don.  But no one said, "No."  Everyone was very gracious and many had heard of Flat Stanley.   In total, we took 325 pictures with Flat Don and Mary.

We made a scrapbook and DVD of our adventure and presented them to the "real" Don and Mary last Sunday.  Mary (a retired elementary school teacher), having heard of Flat Stanley, quickly caught on when she saw the title page of the presentation.  Don (a retired high school teacher) had no clue why we were all laughing so hard.  He was quickly enlightened about Flat Stanley, and then Don, too, enjoyed the pictures.  Flat Don and Mary truly made our trip a delight.

Most of us were just entering college when Jeff Brown created Flat Stanley in 1964.

I thought you might enjoy hearing about our story.


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA




Meeting the conductor on the Denali Train


Seeing Glacier Bay


Getting a ticket in Skagway


A Dog Sled Ride in Skagway


Meeting a chef on board the Island Princess


Meeting the ranger going into Glacier Bay.  The ranger had heard about Flat Stanley,

so he was happy to have his picture taken. 

In fact, he wanted a picture taken with his own camera to share with his family and friends.



Getting dressed up for a formal dinner (A Photoshop touchup!)