The Flat Stanley Project Turns 10 Years Old
Happy Birthday!


FS birthday cake

What a great cake!

A Flat Stanley visiting from Illinois joined in the celebration



MPP Chris Bentley presented Mr. Hubert with a special commemorative certificate

Bill Bryce, the Director of TVDSB offered his congratulations



Flat Stanley supporters Tom Dalby, Manager, Media & Community Affairs

and Perf (Tom Creech) from Canada Post were there, too. (visit

Hey- it's Perf from Canada Post!

Alison was a Grade 3 student ten years ago when it all began


This was a great day for Mr. Hubert

Students performed a special birthday routine:

Happy Birthday, Flat Stanley!

H – is for the Happiness we get when we do the Flat Stanley Project

A – is for Arthur, Flat Stanley’s brother.

P – is for the People around the world who make connections through Flat Stanley.

P – is for Party. Thanks for the Party, Mr. Hubert!

Y – is for Years. The Flat Stanley Project is ten years old this year!

B – B is for the Bulletin Board that squashed Stanley Lambchop – Poor Stanley!

I – is for I Love Flat Stanley!

R – is for Repeat. REPEAT: I LOVE FLAT STANLEY!!!

T – is for Time – Time to Celebrate.

H – is for Hubert – Congratulations, Mr. Hubert!

D – is for Distances – the distances Stanley travels.

A – is for Action: Reading, Writing and Communication … in Action!

Y – Why do we love The Flat Stanley Project? BECAUSE IT’S FUN!

(Everyone sings Happy Birthday to You.)

Student 1: Mr. Hubert, on behalf of the grade 3’s at Wilfrid Jury and kids everywhere, thank you for making our learning fun!

Student 2: On behalf of the students at your school, we would like to present you with these cards that we made for Flat Stanley. Happy Birthday, Flat Stanley and Congratulations, Mr. Hubert!



Our friends from Indonesia sent cards