Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut

Submitted by Dale Hubert


In July, 2006, Flat Stanley visited Bathurst Inlet, the smallest community in the newest Canadian Territory, Nunavut.

There are only 16 people living in Bathurst Inlet.

This is the community. It's on the Arctic Ocean at Bathurst Inlet.

This is Stanley's certificate from Bathurst Inlet Lodge


Flat Stanley found an artifact- an Inuit soapstone container.

Flat Stanley checked out a ground squirrel burrow, but no one was home.

Sam was an expert on Inuit tools.

Glenn was an RCMP officer. This is what he wore in the winter.

People still need furs in the far north.

Flat Stanley enjoyed watching the Inuit games of skill.

This was a traditional Inuit candle and stove. It got very hot!

What a lucky man Gary is! He found an Inuit arrowhead among the rocks on this beach.

Pudjuk took Flat Stanley rock sliding.

The northern lights have seen strange sights...

This is Martin.

Flat Stanley is in a kayak.

Flat Stanley found some amethysts! There were diamonds nearby, but he didn't find any of those.

This dog's fur coat was very thick, even in the summer. This is Esker.

Brrr! Even in July the Arctic waters are cold!

The Nunavut flag: Yellow for the midnight sun, white for snow, and an inukshuk.


Flat Stanley saw a caribou.

"I thought bears only did that in the forest!"

And here's the grizzly bear who did it.

These stromatolite fossils are 2.7 billion years old!

Page Burt was an expert on everything. She made the whole trip worthwhile.

It really is the land of the midnight sun. I took this picture exactly at midnight.

In some places the only life seemed to be lichen.