Flat Stanley woke up the hibernating bear and "bear"ly escaped with his life!

Flat Stanley's Trip to Alaska

Yesterday, Flat Stanley came to Alaska to visit us.
He did not come in a train, on a subway or in a bus.
He didn't ride on a motorcycle, in a truck or a car,
or by bike, submarine, a ship or on a shooting star.

He came inside of an envelope as flat as he could be.
Outside was a postage stamp and inside a note to me.
It said he was coming north, on a trip he'd just won,
to see all the animals in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

He wanted to see a caribou, wolf, black bear, a moose,
a ptarmigan, eagle, raven, puffin, and a Canadian goose,
a salmon, halibut, otter, sea lion, dall sheep, arctic fox,
a beaver, Santa's reindeer, Siberian husky, and muskox.

So we took our dogsled team and headed off to town
to get Flat Stanley a parka insulated with goose down.
We found a fur hat, mittens, and also mukluks to wear;
now he'll be just as warm as a hibernating grizzly bear.

Then we went to see the animals and where they roam
so Flat Stanley can tell his stories when he's back home.
And when he tells them, he'll look just like an Eskimo,
from top of his flat head to the bottom of each flat toe.

Thanks for coming to Alaska Flat Stanley,
We hope you enjoyed your visit, Bill & Shirley Lowe