Flat Stanley went to Budapest and Vienna for Christmas, 2003



The first thing Flat Stanley noticed in Budapest
was how fast the escalators to the subway moved!
It's the oldest subway system on the continent.




A lovely young Hungarian lady introduced Flat Stanley to her beautiful dolls.  It was love at first sight!
Stanley liked the hand-painted eggs, too.


The ancient statues in Budapest let Flat Stanley pose with them. 


Even the police officers were very friendly.


There were statues all over Budapest.  The one on the left was made by the Russians.
It is not well-liked. 

When the Russians were there they probably wouldn't have liked Flat Stanley, either.


Now that the Russians are gone, Hungarians use their own parliament.


It is one of the most beautiful parliament buildings in the world.

Flat Stanley is on the staircase.





Flat Stanley really enjoyed flying Austrian Airlines.  The Flight Attendants were great!
Stanley's clothing was almost a match for their uniforms.


Stanley was almost on the menu and he even got to sit in the cockpit





Flat Stanley met some knights.
The one on the left is a street performer from Vienna who pretends he's a statue.
The ones on the right are real suits of armour in a museum.


Stanley enjoyed the statues.  They were as quiet as Stanley.

Flat Stanley went to the Museum of Musical Instruments.  He saw the violin that was played by Mozart's father and many strange guitars.  The museum guards wouldn't let Stanley touch anything, but they held him up for this picture. No, this isn't a giant Stanley on the roof, it's a model of Saint Stephan's Church in Vienna.




Flat Stanley visited a terrible place.  It was the Concentration Camp at Mauthausen, Austria.


He doesn't feel like talking about it right now.  It was horrible.


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