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Flat Stanley visits Hershey

By Rachel Kyler , Staff Writer 03/18/2004
      Flat Stanley, renowned world traveler and friend to prominent figures like former US president Bill Clinton and Rosie O'Donnell, recently visited Hershey. Michael Cook of Hershey hosted Stanley's stay.

      Cook provided Stanley with personal tours of Hershey attractions, including Hershey's Chocolate World, the Hershey Museum, and Zoo America. Locals were more than willing to accommodate Stanley, according to Cook.
      "I couldn't believe how many people knew about him," he said. "I would just mention his name and people lit up."
      Cook participated in the "Flat Stanley Project" after receiving a letter from his niece, a second grade student at Hayshire Elementary School in York.
      The "Flat Stanley Project" was created in 1995 by Dale Hubert, a third-grade teacher from London, Ontario, inspired by a children's book by Jeff Brown.
      "Flat Stanley" follows the adventures of Stanley Lambchop, who wakes up one morning to find he has been flattened by a bulletin board. Realizing the change has its positive attributes, Stanley's family fold him up in an envelope and send him to visit friends in California.
      The "Flat Stanley Project" has students design their own "Flat Stanleys" and mail them to people around the world. The host treats Stanley as a guest and keeps a journal of his adventures. When Stanley returns home with the journal, there is information for the children to learn about other cities and cultures.
      "I can't say how much I enjoyed taking this little card board man around," said Cook, "[and seeing] that there are so many good people that will help you.
      "It was a lot of fun. It would be nice if other people could experience that."
      The "Flat Stanley Project" began with 13 schools participating in Canada and the United States; now there are over 1,000 participants.      
      For more information on "The Flat Stanley Project," visit www.flatstanley.com.

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