Hazel Dell Elementary

Flat Stanley is babysitting some of his little friends. They are at my aunt and uncleís house in Granger, Indiana.  It was during Christmas vacation.
Over Halloween, Christmas, and New Yearís Eve, Flat Stanley went to my cousinsí house in Maryland. Over that time my aunt had a baby. Here is Flat with the new cousin. Flat met a girl named Flat Lisa!
My Flat Stanley is on the table with my sisterís Flat Stanley. They are right by a beautiful Christmas tree.
It was around Christmas time when Flat Stanley went to the Steers game in Pennsylvania. Flat Stanley had a fun time because they won the game!
I sent my Flat Stanley to my cousins in South Carolina. They are at their house. It is Thanksgiving. See the turkey in the oven!
Flat Stanley went on an airplane to Arizona. He is just sitting when they took off. Now he is off on his big adventure!
Flat Stanley was in first grade in Opelika, AL. The children were learning about Flat and where he came from. I bet this picture was taken on January 21, 2004.
Flat Stanley went to my great auntís house in Washington. My aunt made a gingerbread house. She said it was ugly, but I think it looks just fine!
My Flat Stanley went to my Aunt Annís house at North Carolina. They had lunch with Flat Stanley. Flat was there for two months. I sent my Flat Stanley to my Aunt Ann because she was lonely and sick.
My Flat Stanley went to a lot of places. He went to Ohio, Florida, parks and museums. He got shot out of a cannon. He got to see a lot of cool things. Iím sure he had a lot of fun!



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