Fujian Tulou Homes in China

Here's an email from our Uncle Mike who works in China.  My daughter Madison drew a flat "Angelina" picture for her project.

The factory that I was at Monday had a power shortage and that gave me the afternoon off. The factory translator and driver took me to see the Fujian Tulou homes ...

You should look it up on the internet sometime to learn more about it. But short version is these are circular ... and one rectangular home structures made of mud and mud blocks. The interior is wooden and many family members live in these. Even these currently have people living in them. The site is one of the World Cultural Heritage sites and is maintained for the families that live there and for the tourists.

We had lunch at a mountain food center that was very good. We then drove up the mountain and over in the valley to see the buildings. One I didn't send you a picture is very old and is leaning ... a little bit scary but people live there. It's four floors high.

The ones that Angelina is pictured with are three stories. Bottom is for cooking and storage ... the middle is the living area ... and the top is for guest rooms and storage.
Anyway ... later this week Angelina will probably leave here and go east to Ningbo and a boat ride on the South China Sea to the island of Jing Tang.
Take care ...
Love ... Uncle Michael