Stanley Climbs the Great Wall of China

As a backgrounder,Tatiana Cho Bautista, our granddaughter from New York, sent Flat Stanley to us as a school project.  We brought him to China on a tour and was adopted by our tour group as our mascot.  BTW, my wife Emy,69 years old and I, Jose,72 years old were prodded so to speak, by Flat Stanley to climb the Great Wall so that Tatiana could make a spectacular or a 'different kind' of a report.  Out of 23 tourists in our group, only 5 of us including Flat Stanley reached the summit, where the Hero Card was issued.  A warm welcome and special prizes were given us by the tour operator upon seeing the Hero Card. Tatiana Cho Bautista is a first grader at the Charles Campagne School in New York. Mrs. DeMeo is her teacher. We her grandparents are residents of Manila, Phlippines and are Filipino citizens.
Thank you for your kind attention,
Jose Bautista, Jr.



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