"Flat Stanley Goes to College"

Dear Grace,
When Flat Stanley arrived in my mailbox I got really excited!
I thought I would take Flat Stanley to Athens to show him the University of Georgia.
We had such a great time! Flat Stanley was an instant Bulldog fan.
We visited all of the important places in Athens. Here is the stadium, where Georgia plays football.
It was very high. We stood on the bridge and looked in. Flat Stanley was scared.
He held onto the light post! Can you see him? He is very small. He is wearing blue pants.

Then we visited the arches in downtown Athens. These are famous arches and a symbol of the University.
Many people looked at Flat Stanley when we visited the arches.
Some people recognized him because he is getting to be real world traveler.
The man in the blue shorts said, “How did you get to be so flat, Stanley?” and Stanley told him the whole story.
Stanley got to meet Hairy Dawg, the UGA mascot. Stanley wasn’t scared even though Hairy is VERY big.
We went inside the coliseum, where Georgia plays basketball. It is a round building.
We saw many students studying. Stanley remarked, “College must be really hard!”
We had a great time in Athens! Stanley decided he wants to go to UGA when he grows up!
Thanks for sending Flat Stanley to visit!

Love, Amy and Jay



Here is the stadium picture enlarged!



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