I'm sending these pictures on behalf of my son Zachary.  Zach and his friends in Mrs. Hodges' 3rd grade class at Fairmount Elementary School in Missouri made Flat Stanleys to send out on adventures. I took Flat Stanley on a motorcycle trip with me around France and Italy with me for 3 weeks, and I wanted to send you some pictures of his trip. I'll be sending a few pictures to you...so enjoy. I had a wonderful time with the project and actually met a few people around Europe and New York City who saw me taking pictures and ran up to ask if that was Flat Stanley! What an incredible learning tool and fun way to enjoy helping a student. 
Katje and Zachary Hatcher
Stanley & the Eiffel Tower
Stanley & Notre Dame
Stanley overlooking the olive groves and vineyards in Radda in Chianti, Tuscany, Italy
Stanley and the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Stanley on the motorcycle
Stanley outside the Galleria Dell Accademia where the original Statue of David is on display
Stanley with some small replicas of the Statue of David (I was asked not to take pictures of the real Statue inside)




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