Flat Stanley at FOX NEWS

Flat Stanley was sent to Fox News Channel by Connor Davenport, a 2nd grader at Clinton School in Maplewood, NJ. He mailed himself back with the following pictures and letter:
Dear Connor,
I had a great time during my adventure in New York City. I got to visit Fox News Channel, a TV station, and see how they put all of the shows together.
I even got to go on TV myself. I was on a show called "The O'Reilly Factor" where I was interviewed by a man named Bill O'Reilly who everyone always says is mean, but he was nice to me. Maybe he only likes flat people. I have enclosed a tape of the beginning of my interview and some pictures of me on the show.
I also got to meet Geraldo Rivera, another TV host and see all of the complicated control rooms and studios that they have at Fox.
Thanks for sending me to New York. It was a lot of fun, and next time I hope you will come with me!
Flat Stanley