Dear Erika and Mrs. Rocke’s First Grade Class,

First I want to thank you for allowing me to go on the most wonderful journey to visit Tante Hanna and Opa Reichert in Florida.


I had the best time. The weather was wonderful and as you can see by my outfit I spent a lot of time outdoors. I lounged by the pool with Opa Reichert and went exploring in the back yard. I found this sweet old pelican named Franz—and met his brother Hans.


One day we went to visit Mr. Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum in Sebastian, Florida. He was the man who found treasure in the ocean from the Spanish galleon Atocha that sunk in the waters off of Sebastian in about 1622. Lots of gold was recovered only there wasn’t any left for me…. I looked!

I also took a walk down to the Indian River to visit Mr. Paul Kroegel who is the man who became the founder of Pelican Island- a natural safe refuge for all pelicans. The pelicans have been coming to this refuge for over 100 years. You can see me with a bronze statue that the people of Sebastian have made to honor him.


After visiting with the pelicans, I took a short ride to Wabasso, Florida to the Environmental Learning Center. This is a really fun place! I got to see all kinds of native Florida plants and birds and even ran into this friendly white Ibis who let me have a picture taken with him while he was looking for food by the water’s edge.

I was getting really hungry now. And there is one thing that I have found in Florida that I just love to eat. Hale Groves is the largest place to find oranges, and grapefruit and free juice! They also have orange marmalade and all kinds of

other things made from citrus. I found out that Hale’s Indian River Groves ships fruit all around the country!


But I think my most favorite time was going to the beach. The water was calm and the sand was really warm on my feet. I saved a sea shell and put it on a string so I could wear it around my neck to remember my trip to Sebastian, Florida to visit with Opa and Oma Reichert.