January 11, 2007


Dear Granddaughter, Flat Rachael:

We have been busy doing volunteer work at the Greater Detroit Chapter of Hadassah in West Bloomfield Michigan. It is cold here in Michigan and we had to wear our coats. But, we have had unseasonably warmer temperatures than usual and have not had any accumulation of snow.

Hadassah is the largest women’s organization in America. The Hadassah Medical Organization is responsible for over 50% of medical research that comes out of Israel. We have a Hadassah College in Jerusalem, we have camps for young adults, and we go into schools to help 11th and 12th grade boys and girls learn about regular and correct breast self-examination and testicular self-exams. These are a few high-lights of what we are all about.

We also have what we call our doll project. Every Thursday morning we have a group of ladies who come to help with this project. Sometimes teen age girls come to do community service work, some people come just because they know how important it is, and we have about 25 regulars who come each week.

As you can see in the pictures attached, first they cut out the pattern, then stuff and dress the dolls. There is no face or other markings on the dolls because that is where the doctor draws markings on it to show the child where they will be having surgery.

This has been an ongoing project for about 10 years and we have distributed over 5,000 dolls to local hospitals for doctors and nurses to give to their patients who will be having surgery.

Flat Rachael loved watching the doll project today from start to finish and to see in the second photo a stack of the dolls that were completed today.

Thank you for the visit and please come again to see other projects that we do.