Flat Icchan and Acchan in My School’s Co-operative

Hello, we are students of JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL of 1 Balikpapan, Indonesia. Our name are Swastika Anggraini, Dina Parawita, Vivian Otha V, and Winda Novianti. The place that we like in the school is co-operative. Why? because in the Co-operative was sold by various requirements for the school from the notebook to school shoes, moreover in the co-operative also sold various food sorts and the drink.

That day, the Icchan Flat and Acchan visited our school Co-operative. They could buy something moreover they also were acquainted and make a photo with Mrs. Santi. Mrs. Santi was the person who was assigned to serve the student who was shopping in Co-operative our school.

We liked bought in the co-operative because apart from prices was covered, his quality also was guaranteed. But we were laziest if shopping in the school co-operative when the rest hour because of the co-operative was chock full by the students that want to Shopped. So not rare we shopped in the canteen when the hour rested. Nevertheless we continued to become the loyal customer of the school co-operative.

Before Flat Icchan and Acchan went, we maked photo with them. Thank you for your visited…….
BYE………. See you later….!!!!!!!!






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