I am Perianah , I am a student of SMKN 2 Balikpaapn East Kalimantan Indonesia, in this opportunity I would like to tell you about Mrs. Marisa and Flat Borneo who visited  my class




Mrs. Marissa is teaching in my class




Here are the members of my class , Mrs. Marissa and Flat Borneo



Flat Borneo and Mrs. Marisa Visited My Class


It was Saturday   April 9th, 2005 , Mrs. Marisa who comes from Switzerland  and Flat Borneo visited my class, she is a house wife and a career woman  , she has 4 children, 2 sons and 2 daughters . She can speak 7 languages, English, France, Spain, Italy, German, Dutch and Indonesian. When she came to my class all of the students welcome her cheerfully . She spoke English to us and she asked some students about the problem of English. Some of my friends said that listening and grammar were difficult and also the pronunciation. Mrs. Marisa gave us opportunity to ask her about everything related with English. Mrs. Marisa said that if the students made mistakes in speaking  were okay we had to try again and again. Because of her I realize that I must learn English more. Our meeting  finished and we took photos together, we were very happy. And it was a positive activity for English class  I hope  our school can invite her or another person who experts in English. Thank Mrs. Marissa .


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