Dear Dale
I am Radhietya from British Council Jakarta, as a Montage trainer I would like to share another Flat Stanley (Flat Baco) from East Kalimantan.
The students in this area are very keen to share their Original Flat stories with other schools on Flat Stanley website.
East Kalimantan especially Balikpapan has many places with interest stories and legend, there are several places for conservation area for endangered animal and plants like Orang Utan; we would like to share to other students from anywhere.
One of our students is Bayu from SDN 020 (Primary School) Manggar Baru District, Balikpapan East Kalimantan (Borneo Island) want to share his experience with his Flat Baco.
The school is ready to send and receive mail their Flat with other schools.
Thanks Regards




Hi, my name is Bayu.



I am a 5th grade student at SDN 020 Manggar Baru, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.



My Friend and Flat “Baco” are studying in the classroom




The SDN 020 Manggar Baru, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan (Borneo Island)


Baco and his friends are reading books at the school library.


After studying Baco go to The School Cafeteria and get lunch.


Baco and Friends are playing football at school yard.


Baco carries a baby holder from Dayak.

My father is Dayak Tribe and my mother Banjar Tribe.


Bayu have one piggy bag baby from Dayak. Piggy bag made of beads, woods, and piggy tusk woven. My grandmother who’s made it. Its shape is unique and interesting.

It can be used as decoration as well.



Bayu Okta Lutfhy Firdaus

SDN 020 Manggar Baru

Jl. Mulawarman RT 2-1

East Balikpapan 76116


Sender: Radhietya




Thank you for supporting the Flat Stanley Project.