Stanley Visited Some Sites in Europe

Hi Dale,
The pictures came back but the one of the Pope did not come out. Allison had Stan in the picture too much so he covered up the Pope! The other pictures are just great though and before she left Allison had each Stanley dressed for the country they would visit! I have sent you photos that I hope can be put up on in your gallery.  
Here are some of the pics ...I took one from each country: 
Take care now!
Cathy Mullen
St. Francis School

Stanley sitting on the statue of "Ramses"( Allison took this at the Louvre and I'm not sure how ...I doubt if photography is permitted although when I went to Amsterdam photography was permitted at Rembrandt's Museum but not Van Gogh's! )

At the Roman Coliseum

Stan visited the Parthenon in Greece

Stan in Germany

Stanley was very cold in Sweden



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