A Visit From Flat Stanley - Cyber style!
He Came To Epstein And He’s Flatter Than Ever!


The Epstein School was very pleased and honored to have Flat Stanley visit our 2004-2005 Blue Ribbon School.  He is traveling to Jewish Day Schools via cyberspace all across the United States of America, from as far north as  Missouri, as far west as California, as far east as New York and as far south as Florida. Through his virtual  travels, he will have the opportunity to see for himself all of the wonderful and exciting activities that are taking place, as we celebrate 350 years of Jewish settlement in America. 

This is part of a 3rd grade project being organized by Janice Levetan, Epstein’s Media Specialist and 3rd grade teachers Sandi Epstein and Jackie Pierce, as part of their unit of study on the United States.   The project will also integrate with Epstein’s advanced technology education program. “Cyber”- Flat Stanley will be emailed to Jewish Day School across the country and his experiences will be documented, digitally photographed and then included as part of Epstein’s sure to be amazing 350 website, being created by students in the 350 website academy, under the instruction of middle school teacher Miriam Rosenbaum.

While he was here, Flat Stanley visited the Goldstein Media Center and attended Hebrew story time with Mrs. Janice Levine and Mrs. Swartz's 1st grade class.  He also stopped in to visit with the Good Morning Epstein crew, who were setting up for their live broadcast, as well as the art and music centers, where he witnessed some of the amazing work of Epstein’s creative students.

Flat Stanley enjoyed seeing some of the important Jewish cultural and heritage projects that Epstein’s dedicated and talented students have created, like the Shachar project, as well as Epstein’s Biblical Garden. 


Of course, he also had an important meeting with Head of School, Stan Beiner, where critical issues facing Jewish Day Schools were discussed. They exchanged thoughts on cutting-edge educational techniques and then the “flat one” offered his official congratulations to Mr. Beiner on Epstein’s becoming a 2004-2005 No Child Left Behind-Blue Ribbon School.

Next, it was off to have a little bit of fun outside on the playground, where he played with some students from Mrs.  Kanter's 5th grade class.

Unfortunately, all the activity left him feeling really deflated and resulted in an unexpected trip to Nurse Tritt

Luckily she had him feeling better in no time, and he was able to continue his exciting tour of the school.  To view a movie of Flat Stanley’s visit to The Epstein School click here. You will need Microsoft Media Player 10 to view.  Click here if you need to download this for free.