Submitted by Dale Hubert

Stanley poses with some of the treasures of King Tut
(Stanley discovered that King
Tut-Ankh-Amun was murdered when he was 18!)
King Tut had some great things stashed away for the afterlife
"Too bad it's a little big for me," says Stanley.
I'm 6' 4" and you can hardly see me up against the pyramid on the right.  The Flat Stanley in my hand doesn't show up at all.
This is a water clock- the water slowly drips out and the water level lowers.
It's wider at the top to account for water pressure.
Salma is a tour guide.  She showed Flat Stanley where to buy things.
Mohamoud was our driver.  There are 17 million people in Cairo-
and no stop signs or traffic lights!  We didn't see any accidents, though.
The drivers are amazing!



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