From QMCS(SW/AW) Daron Leonard

First, I would like to tell you that I really enjoy this project. My kids love it too. I am a sailor in the United State navy. So, I have to go out to sea some times. Anyway, my kids would draw his face and send me the template. I would dress him. So, it is giving me the opportunity to be involved with their project when I am away from home. Thank you.


I would like to submit two photos of Flat Stanley for your website Picture galley. The location is onboard the USS Germantown (LSD -42). The ship was in the Arabian Gulf at the time. In the first photo, Flat Stanley is wearing navy coveralls with a ball cap (Just like my uniform). In the second photo, Flat Stanley is wearing the native clothing of this area (Arabain Gulf). 

Flat Stanley is sitting in the Captain’s Chair on the bridge (The place where they steer the ship from.)

Flat Stanley is sticking his head out of the top of an amphibious assault vehicle (AAV)

Flat Stanley is s taking a photo in front of an amphibious assault vehicle (AAV)

Flat Stanley and I are taking a photo together on the Signal Bridge.

Flat Stanley is standing a gun mount watch. (Post)