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Flat Stanley Deploys!

This Flat Stanley adventure was created by LtC Mike Polhemus, commander of a USAF flying squadron currently operating in the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
Visit his site at: www.polhemusweb.com/flatstanley
Hi, my name is Flat Stanley. I am currently on an adventure in the desert of the Middle East. I am deployed with some of our troops helping to fight the war against terrorism. There is a lot to do so I am going to spend several days exploring and visiting with the folks here. If you are interested, check in with me periodically on this web page. I will post pages from my travel log so you can see what I am doing.  I may even have some pictures!
Entry #1: 
My Trip Over
Entry #2:
Arrival at the Camp
Entry #3:
Flying over Afghanistan
Entry #4:
My Tent
Entry #5:
The Bathrooms
Entry #6:
Finally, A Humvee!
Entry #7:
 Chow Time!
Entry #8:
Dust Storm
Entry #9:
Entry #10:
Time to Leave


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