Costa Rica

Hi Dale – I am teacher in Hoboken, NJ and I recently traveled to Guanacaste, Costa Rica.  These pictures show some of Stanley’s adventures while there.
1. While there Stanley met a wild baby parrot named “Chiquita” and as you can see Chiquita is very curious of Stanley.
2. The next is Stanley at a golf course on Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica with “Monkey Island” in the background.  (Directly behind Stanley in the distance)  They say that Monkey Island resembles King Kong’s head coming out of the water.  Also, you will notice that Stanley is inches away from making a great putt!
3. Stanley had some fun climbing a tree while in Costa Rica.  Beyond the rocks in this picture is Nicaragua. 
I love Flat Stanley activities and all that it has done for my students!
Cara Killen
5th Grade
Wallace Primary School
Hoboken, NJ