Hi Dale,

I wanted you to see this photo of Flat Stanley in front of a church in St. Petersburg, Russia. One of my students sent his Stanley to his great aunt Olga.  Aunt Olga has broken English so it is so sweet to read her emails.

This is my fourth year to participate in the project and each year it gets better and better! This year the hosts are being so creative sending amusing letters to the children. One of our Stanley's is at Fort Leonard, Missouri and had to do pushups because he was wearing the wrong uniform!  Another Stanley was visiting a child's aunt that has cats.  Stanley loved playing with the cats and when he was done this aunt just took a lint remover over Stanley to get rid of the cat hair! Another
advantage of being flat!

I did receive a letter from a child's aunt who works at a publishing company in Philadelphia, PA. Here is what she had to say: 
Dear Mrs. Mullen,
Everyone loves to receive letters. Your Flat Stanley project is an inspired encouragement for children to write letters and to discover the pleasure of reading and receiving mail.
My niece sent a copy of your letter to me and I've passed a copy to my co-workers. Stanley Lambchop touches something inside all of them.  

Take care now,
Cathy Mullen
St. Francis School Kindergarten

Mr. Hubert,

My son is a first grade student @ the Mark Twain Elementary school in Centennial, Colorado.

This project is one of the best I've heard of or seen in action in my 54 years on this planet.

The attachment is taken from the edge of Red Square with Lenin's tomb and Saint Basil's Cathedral in the background. Stanley is posing with Katya, our friend Sasha's daughter. He has been to St. Petersberg and is now on his way to the southwestern Russian city of Orel.

Thanks so much. Our son, Nikita, and his classmates are having the time of their lives with this project. Mrs. Warren has been wonderful with the geographical/social studies take offs in her curriculum.

Thanks again,

Wayne Nickless