Flat Stanley Visits the Chocolate Factory

Once, not so long ago, Ms. Carlino’s 2nd grade class was given an assignment to send me, Flat Stanley, to a place to visit. A girl student by the name of Kayla Kob put me in an envelope with a nice letter and sent me to her Granny. Little did I know that her Granny owned a chocolate factory in Tampa, Florida. MMMMMM!

At first, I had to learn about the chocolate. Chocolatier Granny and Chef Christian Soto, taught me when chocolate was cooked, it was called tempering. They said the room had to be cool so the chocolate would temper correctly. (65-70 degrees) It was fun learning about the different types of candy and how they were made.

Before they would let me go into the kitchen, I had to wash my hands, put on a hat, apron, and shoe covers. This keeps everything around the chocolate clean. When we touched things in the kitchen we wore plastic gloves. When we touched finished chocolate, we wore cotton gloves so we would not leave fingerprints on the shiny finish.

The temperer is a funny looking machine that melts the chocolate. I got to sit on the lid. It was fun to see the chocolate swirl around in the bowl. One day I decided to sit on the temperer without the lid. I slipped and fell into the warm chocolate. They took me out very quickly and washed me off. But I still got a quick chance to lick my lips. Wow!! Was it good!! I am sending you a chocolate Flat Stanley so you will know how I looked.

When people came and bought chocolate, Ms. Lauren and I would let them have a sample. They would make very pleasant sounds after each bite. She then, taught me how to take chocolate out of the candy cases and weigh them on the scale. It was a good thing I studied my math, because we would ring the sale up on a cash register and give the people their change.

For days we worked with the chocolate and enjoyed the warm evenings of Tampa, Florida. When it came time for me to leave, I wanted to do something for Ms. Carlino, you and especially for Kayla who sent me to such a wonderful place. Granny, Chef Christian and I made chocolate thank you candy bars for everyone. I am sending them to you in a decorated basket like I saw them do in the Chocolate Factory.

Granny said I did such a good job that she would appoint me Chef Apprentice Flat Stanley. I hope you enjoy the Belgium Milk Chocolate Candy Bars from Chocolate Creations by Connie, Inc., better known to me, as Granny’s Chocolate Factory.