Flat Stanley in China with Vernon Erickson of Gateway Engineering

Recently Stanley flew to China.  It takes a long time to fly to China.  From South Dakota he flew to Chicago.  From Chicago he flew to Hong Kong and then to get to his destination in China he rode a bus which took him through Hong Kong and China immigration.  The total time it took for Stanley to get from South Dakota to China was 27 hours.  In China Stanley enjoyed a traditional Chinese meal.  As seen in his picture from Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, Guandong Province, China.  The center of the table is allowed to rotate so that by turning it you can reach the many different and delicious foods.  In the very center of the table is one of Stanley's favorite foods "Mon Tow".  It tastes similar to a donut and is usually dipped in a sweet sauce kind of like frosting.  As with most meals in China Stanley had to master the use of chop sticks in order to eat.
Stanley also had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong, I have attached three photos from there.  In the picture where he is in Mongkok, Kowloon, you can see how busy and crowded Hong Kong is.  I made sure Stanley held on to my hand so he wouldn't get lost. 
In the picture on Victoria Peak Stanley rode a tram from Hong Kong up a steep mountain to be there. 
In the final photo, Stanley visited the harbor in Hong Kong.  Stanley was in Tsim Sha Tsui, over his shoulder is a ferry boat that could take you on a tour of the harbor.  On the other side of the harbor is Hong Kong Island.  Overall Stanley enjoyed his trip, and looks forward to many further adventures.