Flat Stanley Visits China


To Mrs. Matson's Second Grade Class,
Flat Stanley finally arrived in Beijing, China safely. He took a tour of Beijing's finest Universities this afternoon!
1) Tsinghua University Visit:
Flat Stanley first visited Tsinghua University which is the best engineering and business school in China. Many say that Tsinghua University is the MIT of China. Flat took a picture at the famous Tsinghua Dome and Old Gate. Tsinghua University was established in 1911 originally as "Tsinghua Xuetang," a preparatory school for Chinese students who want to go to the United States to study.
2) Peking University Visit:
Afterwards Flat Stanley visited Peking University (aka "Beida").

Beida is known to be the Harvard of China. Flat Stanley took a tour around campus walking around "Wu Ming" Lake (No Name Lake).

He took a picture sitting on the pretty spring blossoms with the lake in the background. He also got a close up view of the "Boya" Pagoda (Intellectual Tower).

3) Peking Duck Dinner:
Flat Stanley had delicious Peking Duck for dinner that night. They are cooked in the traditional stone oven!
Flat Stanley looks forward to traveling to more of China's other interesting destinations...

Victor H. Tseng / 曾怀亿, IMBA 2006