Cathy Mullen has been a great supporter of the Flat Stanley Project

Hi Dale,
Disney Cathy here, a k teacher from St. Francis School in Clearfield, PA. I have been involved with the FS Project for five years now. Every year there is something exciting that happens with one of our Stan's. This year is no exception. On Friday we received a FS back from Kansas. This Stan had visited the Boeing Company that helps keep President Bush's plane, Air Force One, in top running condition. One of the children's aunt works for Boeing and she had a chance to board this plane - not with Stan though but she did send us a special box of candy! President Bush likes M&M candies so much that a special box was made up just for him to give out to people. This aunt sent us a box! The box has the Presidential seal on one side and a yellow M&M holding a US flag on the other side. I thought this was so neat!
Also, in the latest issue of the Disney magazine there is a picture of me and my husband and a some FS taken at Disney World. I took a few Stans that were visiting our classroom on the trip at Christmas time and we walked into a resort and there was a man taking a picture and he had a Flat Stanley too! We had a nice discussion about this flat guy! Mickey Mouse was thrilled to see Flat Stanley and knew all about this flat guy. Alice in Wonderland loved him and said he reminded her of her mum! Her mum read the Flat Stanley stories to her. Minnie Mouse gave me a kiss on the cheek when she the Stans! I'm going to send you this article.
Then just this past week my k class and I hosted a very special FS. This Stanley was sent from Ohio and belonged to a third grader and I had her daddy in kindergarten!! Her daddy was killed in an automobile accident last July but she wanted Stan to visit the school where her daddy had spent his school years! Our principal and priest were teachers here at our school when her daddy was a student.
I just love this project and believe me Stan has taken on different forms! One Stan that was sent to us had the face of the child that had made the paper guy. Another Stan came and we had to dress him to represent something from our area. It was easy for us since we live so close to Penn State University. I still prefer the regular Stan though!
Take care now,
Cathy Mullen
St. Francis School
When Flat Stanley went to Governor's School with me we did some sight seeing and visited the famous Horseshoe Curve in Altoona, PA. This is an engineering marvel! At track level, you can see an entire train, end-to-end!
Here's Stan and me!
Cathy Mullen
St. Francis School
Clearfield, PA