Carol the Fish Meets Flat Stanley

Dear Sir;
I am an art teacher in Carol Stream, IL.  This summer I had the chance to travel with 45 college Egypt, Israel, Jordon, Syria, Turkey, Greece and Italy.
To interest the students, I took along a stuffed fish named CAROL. (Carol the fish...since my students live in CAROL stream...and fish swim in streams:-) I photographed the travels....with carol the fish in many of the photos...I then downloaded the adventure for the students on my art web page.  While in Israel......Carol the Fish got a large brown envelope in the mail!  Guess who?  Flat Stanley had come for a visit.  I did this as a way of tying what I was doing with the fish....and my travels to what the kids had done in second grade with the Flat Stanley Project....I hope you like the idea!
I know the students did!

Mrs. D. Hafemann