Hello Cady

Flat Stanley did arrived Germany and He went

To the Soccer Stadion in Kaiserslautern were

The American SoccerTeam plays at the German



Flat Stanley did went to a German School he did

Want to see how German Kid’s have to learn.






He also went withTanja and Claudia to a castle in Landstuhl were he meet some Kids from Amerika thay live here in Germany for 3 Years



Claudia Here in the bag you see Ramstein Air Baise

This is Luca my Brothers son and he

Goes to School in Summer. He did

Like Flat Stanley


Flat Stanley meet also

Dominic and his Girlfrend Gloria

Dominic have Tanja’s Baby David

In his Arm and Gloria Flat Stanley



I think Flat Stanley did like Germany very mucht and if he wants to come some time again you can send him bag.



Take care