Dear Sir,

I learned about Stanley while subbing in a small Iowa school. A teacher across the hall needed someone out of state to send a Stanley to. I offered my sister in San Antonio. Ever since my return to teaching full time,
I have read Stanley with my students. They send their Stanley on vacation to one of their relatives as far from home as possible.

Often in a small town, some of the students have no one outside the immediate area, and my siblings (scattered around the US and in the military) have always helped them out. Our most interesting photos came back this month when my brother and sister-in-law took Stanley with them the "Commander In Chief's Inaugural Ball. He took photos of Stanley in the presence of the 41st and 43rd Presidents of the United States. This was indeed a special treat for our students.

Every year, my third graders eagerly embrace the Flat Stanley project and learn more about the world. Inaugural Stanley was in Australia the week before the inauguration, and is going to Czechoslovakia in a month. We should have sent his passport when he left for Alexandria, VA, but had no idea how far he would go.

I have attached pictures of Stanley with the Bushes


Lisa Vander Lugt