I had the pleasure of being introduced to Flat Stanley in 2003 when my friend's granddaughter sent him to me from Dallas Texas while I was living and working in Bolivia..


Steve Hermann
Airport Development Manager
Air BP


Flat Stanley arrived at "El Alto" International Airport in La Paz, Bolivia, which at approximately 13,000 feet is the highest commercial airport in the world.  With a runway of almost 3 miles, Flat Stanley's flight from Miami touched down at about twice its sea level speed to compensate for the lower atmospheric density.  While Flat Stanley didn't appear to suffer from the minimal oxygen levels at this altitude, the crew of his continuing flight to Santa Cruz, Bolivia were required to wear their oxygen masks in the cockpit while they computed their takeoff numbers to prevent light headedness


Photo #4:  Flat Stanley took a week-long trip on a floating hotel up the Mamore River in central Bolivia.

Photo #6:  Flat Stanley along with some friends got the opportunity to visit a thatch-roof, dirt floor school in the jungle near Trinidad, Bolivia.